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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    From today's Times. Everton will meet MPs to discuss ‘golden’ stadium plans Henry Winter, Chief Football Writer July 15 2019, 5:00pm, The Times Everton visit the House of Commons today as they step up engagement for their Bramley-Moore Dock stadium proposal, which they argue will transform a...
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    2017/18 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Gareth Southgate prepares to call Dominic Calvert-Lewin into England squad Paul Joyce March 8 2018, 12:01am, The Times Football Southgate could call upon Calvert-Lewin as he seeks more options in attackBRADLEY ORMESHER/THE TIMES Gareth Southgate is considering including Dominic...
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    From today's Times, it's only a small mention but interesting nonetheless. Richard Morrison: Will Liverpool be the first UK site to lose its Unesco heritage status? Richard Morrison At a cabinet meeting this morning Liverpool city council will make history, one way or another. Either it will...
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    Sam Allardyce

    I'm only worth £50k apparently. Everton’s transfer plan flawed as Ademola Lookman lights up Leipzig Paul Joyce, Comment Sam Allardyce might have hoped that his critique of Everton’s pathetic (his words) defeat by Arsenal would, in some way, have soothed the pain and yet he only succeeded in...
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    Match Thread Brighton v Everton - Sunday 15th October, 13:30

    I'm in Bucharest for the weekend and it was advertised as being on Eurosport 1. Off to St Patricks soon to watch it.
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    Match Thread FC Twente vs Everton (Wednesday 19th July) 6pm

    Thanks for that. You try to be legit and it just doesn't work.
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    Match Thread FC Twente vs Everton (Wednesday 19th July) 6pm

    I'm now stuck in a loop of trying to be automatically signred in on which just hangs. It takes me straight to the page even when I try to go to the home page.
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    Transfer Rumour Wayne Rooney

    BBC Radio Five Live reporting that Stretford was seen in Kenwright's London office.
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    5 Live saying Spurs have matched our offer and it will be down to Sissoko who apparently prefers London.
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    Carlisle United Vs Everton - FA Cup 4th round - Sun 31st Jan - 13:30 KO

    So we can bring a sub on? Sorry, I'll get my coat.
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    The Everton Board Thread 2015/16 [ Not takeover related ]

    Sorry, haven't had time to hunt down the previous thread. Article from today's Times by Rory Smith: An American-led consortium is hoping to complete a takeover of Everton within the next six weeks, The Times can reveal. The group has signed a head of terms agreement for the deal, which could be...
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    Ross Barkley

    Bit of a non story from the Times but I thought I'd share it. Roberto Martínez denies Chelsea deal for Ross Barkley Roberto Martínez has dismissed suggestions that Chelsea have been given first option to sign Ross Barkley in return for allowing Romelu Lukaku and Christian Atsu to move to...
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    Muhamed Besic

    Just what I've been told. Everton have transferred the money to the agent but he can't transfer it Hungary. By all accounts Everton has been thoroughly professional in all this, the Hungarians less so. Apparently, the agent is flying out to Dubai to sort it out, something to do with Ramadan and...
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    Muhamed Besic

    For the first time ever I can claim to be itk. I'm having a pint with a good friend of the agent in Cork and the reason that the transfer hasn't been completed yet is that the Hungarian team sent the wrong bank details to the agent. Everton has sent him the money but he can't transfer it to...
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    Silly Season January 2014

    Still at FF according to Phil McNulty on BBC 5 Live.
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