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    Songs / Chants

    Deffo agree that we need to chant more. Doesn't have to be annoyingly repetitive like Palace singing the same one for 20 minutes or the countless other predictable variations with the same tune. For some reason us blues ain't very creative, like our midfield.....
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    I woulnd't sign any of them because i've never heard of them and could be utter rubbish. Also seems we're building an u23 team. Doubt any will even make OUR first team never mind a top 4 side.
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    Romelu Lukaku

    Might as well keep him until he see's out his contract. Not a fan of him as a person but he scores. 1 more season to see if he can get us into the champs league. Money is irrelavent with Moshiri, the 50 mill we'd get for him now isn't worth as much as the cash in the champs league.....
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    Everton FC's Farhad Moshiri BUYS the Royal Liver Building

    Everton Crest in Neon on the top please......
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    Blue Liver Bird on The Stadium?

    Fook no, i'd tear the thing off the stadium myself if it happened. They claimed it, if you saw it you would think it's them. We have our own sh&t
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    POLL: Would you like David Moyes back as Everton manager?

    19% of you should be ashamed....sigh
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    Eighteen years ago today.

    Remember the great goal but forgot Barmby the lil git missing a pen. When dublin scored I nearly had a heart attack. I'd still say the Wimbledon game was more nervy though after going 2-0 down and listening to it on the radio.
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    Who would you sell at the end of the season.

    Just the obvious ones, McGeady, Kone, Pienaar, Poor Hibbo, Osman, Gibson and the friggin defensive coach.
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    "where's the F&cking money ? sign some players this isn't funny !"
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    Peter Reid: My Sporting Life

    thanks for trying mate
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    Peter Reid: My Sporting Life

    been looking on the talksport website n can't see any mention of it :( can someone with skills find n link the intervew please ? it'd be highly appreciated.
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    Police Investigate Fight At Finch Farm

    No need for the police, get Duncan to stare deep into their eyes n shout at em. Enough to make a grown man cry.
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    Wanted - someone to take a corner !!!

    Whenever we win a corner i sigh, kinda know it's gonna fail and the opposition will clear it. Bring back the 80s Sharpey near post flick on corners, scored loads from those.