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    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    The fact that our best academy talent for years is on the verge of leaving after we've lost the first two games and noone's that arsed is both depressing and damning of where the club is at/his ability. It makes too much sense not to accept if they come back with a better bid but it's still a...
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    The Everton Board Thread

    Remember all those legitimate billionaires who chose not to publicise their wealth and got the Telegraph to write a piece about how they own a big building in Minneapolis? Me either. We are choosing to be taken over by a mystery box and fear it's only going to end up going one way. Amazed at...
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    New In-House Ticket Re-Sale Platform (no more StubHub!)

    Probably not the exact right thread to ask in but it's as close as I can get.... (Thankfully) can't make Monday night now, and given up all hope of selling it on the resale platform...I've got a victim/friend prepared to take my ticket - but my ST is digital. Can i ring up the box office and...
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    2021/22 Mason Holgate

    Amazes me how arrogant he comes across when he plays, despite being atrocious for the last 3 years. What on earth was he doing for that tackle on the edge of the area?
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!

    After one spare for Villa on Saturday if anyone has one going - thanks!
  6. EFC85

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    The surprise comment was in answer to the question about Godfrey, really think he was referring to that. Ancelotti doesn't care that Romano has tweeted about it he will see it as a bonus to spend £25m on a new player. Really really can't see us any more money tomorrow, loan replacement for Kean...
  7. EFC85

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    Feel like Milik may end up coming in.
  8. EFC85

    Transfer Rumour Wilifred Zaha - January Transfer Thread

    This 'Peter Harding' is not a real person and a load of jarg twitter accounts are jumping on the band wagon off the back of it. Swerve.
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    Transfer Rumour Fikayo Tomori

    Holgate's clearly out for an extended amount of time with this injury and that's why we've pushed this one through. He offers something that Mina and Keane are clearly lacking in (pace) so I can't see the downside. Gibson isn't ready for prem football so let him go out and get experience...
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    Confirmed Signing James Rodriguez

    Every time you refresh Everton's twitter or search for it on google you're incentivising them delaying it even longer to build on the hype. Makes you think.
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    Confirmed Signing James Rodriguez

    Some poor intern is probably on his 5th YouTube tutorial trying to workout how to photoshop a picture of James inside his own head
  12. EFC85

    Confirmed Signing James Rodriguez

    Looks like the gym in the Titanic to me
  13. EFC85

    Confirmed Signing James Rodriguez

    I do still think it'll happen eventually/soonish but just because they tweet in Spanish doesn't make them sourced up. The non-ESPN lad was quoting The S*n this morning.
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    Confirmed Signing Allan

    Up the Brands Buzzards
  15. EFC85

    Confirmed Signing Allan

    I don't think it means anything beyond the fact he's unlikely to be flying over for a medical in the next couple of days. De Laurentiis knows how to play the game, if you drop him from the training camp it says to us/Brands you have no intention of him ever working with Napoli again only...
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