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    Zakuani Training with Everton

    FEED the ZAK an he will score.....?? :)
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    Sunderland v Everton. Monday 22nd November @ 20.00.

    according to sunderland fans were there bogey team an there not expecting anything out of this a draw they reckon will be a good point... reading another article they must swamp arteta, an cahill for the 1st 20mins... make of it wot u will bt that was actual sunderland fans.. little scared of...
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    Blackpool 2-2 Everton. Saturday 6th November @ 15.00.

    Reckon Everton will win 3.0 an we,ll be last on Motd2... get the bookies boys
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    MOTD - There HAS to be a kopite in the editing booth

    where on 1st on Motd3 yes Motd3 just for Evertonians......... 1 an 2 not worth the blow of a rag mans TRUMPET..
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    Rodwell and Anichebe back in Reserves game today

    its all good news, but did beckford score an who,s gueye.. ??
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    Sylvain Distin vs you Beauts

    distin is the real deal, even in speedo,s..
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    Tottenham Hotspur v Everton. Saturday 23rd October @ 12.45.

    2-0 everton all day, tottenham are Grim.............
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    Paddy Power Preview: Birmingham vs Everton

    lookin 4ward to it me bigtime, :) be happy with a draw but hopefully we can grab a much needed win just in time for the S***e.. so come on beckford lad get ya shootin boots on.... 2-0 EVERTON..
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    The Jermaine Beckford Prediction Thread!

    Beckfords a goal machine, he,s goin straight in 25goals easy... him an saha will terrify defenders this season.. POSITIVITY SPREADS.. 1878
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    anything new about jags, art or pienaar situation?

    all the lads MUST stay.......... POSITIVITY SPREADS
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    Rev. Harry Ross

    our thoughts are with u rev, take it easy get well soon....
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    melbourne heart

    COLEMAN will replace hibbert an osman he will run the right side all by him self he,s that good....................... :)
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    Home kit

    just got it.................. LOVELY
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    Who's coming to make a full house when Everton FC play CD Everton of Chile...

    at those prices ya could open thee whole ground, COYB get down to goodison tenner 4 u an a kid who will love it, cheap as chips also a good game to introduce new young blues to the holy land, it should be a full house at them prices, i will pay for 50 adults with kids meet in the winslow im the...
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    Home kit

    yea im happy with the new kit, plain an simple....... like me :)
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