Report: Dan Meis now shares the one Goodison feature he wants to recreate in new Everton stadium

Stadium architect Dan Meis has now shared the one key feature from Goodison Park that he wants to recreate in Everton’s new stadium.

The as-of-yet unnamed stadium under-construction on the banks of the Mersey is a little over 12 months away from its scheduled completion.

Indeed, with Everton having a limited number of fixtures remaining in L4, Dan Meis has stated that recreating the intimacy of Goodison Park was a ‘real driver’ for him and his team.

Speaking with the Liverpool Echo, Meis insists that he hopes the intimacy at the stadium at the Bramley-Moore Dock can compare to Everton’s spiritual home.

Meis said: “The intimacy is very satisfying because it was really a driver for us. I feel that the intimacy part of the new stadium will compare to Goodison.

I would hope to never sound arrogant and capturing the history and magic of a place like Goodison would be quite an achievement. I’ve sat at Goodison with a column in front of me and thought it was still one of the greatest football experiences on the planet.

You can’t recreate that. One of the hardest things about building a new stadium is that it’s kind of an unusual thing.”

Dan Meis succeeding in recreating Goodison atmosphere in new stadium is an exciting prospect

The stadium has shot up over the past year or so and is already a stunning addition to the city’s magnificent waterfront.

Indeed, Colin Chong recently provided an update on the timeframe for completion, stating he was ‘confident’ that it would be ready by the final months of 2024.

Given that it will be completed midway through the 2024/25 campaign, the Liverpool Echo states that one more year at Goodison Park is the preferred choice at the club, rather than a mid-season switch.

Completing one more full campaign at Goodison Park would also be my preferred choice, but whenever we make the move, recreating the intimate yet hostile atmosphere in a world class modern setting will be quite the spectacle.

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