‘Fight For Us’

The 1878s have penned a letter for the clubs official website which has called on fans and players to ‘fight’ together to help retain Everton’s Premier League status.

From the moment we are born, Everton is instilled in us. It’s just the way it is. 

For many of us, Everton is more than just a team – it’s our life and everything in it. 

The build-up to any game is filled with determination, hope and conversations about what may unfold. Whatever happens on matchday dictates our mood for the week. 

For some years, it hasn’t been easy. But Evertonians have always had the team’s back; nobody else is allowed to speak badly of our beloved football team, even when things aren’t going right. 

Last season was tough. The sheer relief we felt when that third goal went in against Crystal Palace was something that every single fan will remember, forever. 

Maintaining our top-flight status to ensure that this season was spent in the Premier League was fundamental to our lives. The passion shown by fans and players alike allowed us to come together through difficult times, it allowed us to remain proud of the great history of this club.

This season hasn’t gone to plan, and we need to do it again, together

We as fans will push and have the players’ backs, always. For every tackle you throw in, we will be cheering for you. For every decision that doesn’t go our way, we will make our voices heard. For every goal you score, we will celebrate, with you. 

We need this club to remain in the top flight and we cannot do it without you, as players. And you cannot do it without the support of every Evertonian. 

On Thursday night, we will proudly display a banner that will read ‘Fight for us’ in the Lower Gwladys Street (GT3 and GT4). This message is for everyone in that royal blue shirt to fight for us – and we are asking 40,000 Blues inside the stadium to show that fighting spirit too in their vocal and vociferous backing, as well as every Evertonian watching around the world. 

And then to keep that fight going regardless of what happens. Against Leicester. Against Brighton. Back at Goodison. And on until our Premier League status is once again secured.

We will gather on Goodison Road at 5.45pm on Thursday evening to welcome the players’ coach, and we’ll be encouraging supporters to take their seats from 7.15pm (7.45pm kick-off) to make as much noise as they can and support the team inside the stadium.  

Last season showed that when we are together, we are a force to contend with.

For our final games, let’s recreate that and more. 

Together, anything is possible!
The 1878s

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