Frank Lampard “It’s on us…”

Frank Lampard has called on his players to embrace the responsibility of igniting the Everton fanbase.

Speaking ahead of Friday’s trip, Lampard said: “We want to go out and perform well, show performance with a real work-ethic and passion. I have always said that ignites fans in the right way. That’s our responsibility [to do that].   

“To play for Everton, you can enjoy things like 5,000 people coming before games, something that helped us get victories last year.   

“Sometimes you have to show big courage because they [Evertonians] are a passionate fanbase, and I have got no problem with that.   

“At certain times this season we have done that. Do we need the fans sometimes when we are below par? Yes, we do. But at this moment it’s on us to bring them with us, to stand up and play for Everton.

“I want to be a success at this club. Whatever challenges come, I’ll take them head on. It’s an honour for me to work for a great club.”   

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