What is the best way to watch live football?

The modern world seems to be becoming increasingly digital, and live sport has certainly felt the effects of that with much more people tuning in to watch Premier League games globally than could physically fit in a British stadium.

The Premier League is broadcast to around 800 million homes per season, whereas Goodison Park can only hold around 40,000 people and the new Bramley Moore Dock Stadium that is still in construction will hold around 60,000. The obvious advantage of being able to watch football at home on television is that it allows for accessibility for a global audience.

The internet has few limits

The entertainment sector has felt this effect in general, with the ease that people are able to access entertainment now via the internet and various apps, people can encounter forms of entertainment online that they otherwise would not have stumbled upon in person. An example is bingo online, with it being a traditional game that was originally enjoyed solely in person by past generations. But the emergence of online bingo games offered by sites such as Buzz Bingo has not only allowed people who were already interested in the game to play from their own homes, it has helped drive new people to play the games.

This effect has also undoubtedly been felt due to the availability to watch live football on TV or stream it online from anywhere in the world. In the past, to enjoy an event or sport, a person would have to experience it in person. But now the development of the digital world has created a reality where an unlimited amount of people can enjoy live sports at one time. A point could also be made that is much more affordable to watch games at home, as a person can purchase a subscription for all of the Premier League games per month that would likely not far exceed the price of a typical match ticket.

In-person experience can never be truly replicated

Many people would agree that it can be cheaper to watch games at home and that it is also huge for the sport in general that so many people can access live games. But at the same time, it is tough to argue that the in-person experience is not superior to watching on TV. Experiencing a live unedited atmosphere in person is something that cannot be replicated with complete accuracy even with the quality of TV in modern times. The ability to support your team and to have a physical impact on the atmosphere that the crowd creates is second to none for some people.

When watching at home you can of course pause and rewind, and replays of big moments are often shown. The question is whether a person prefers the comfort of their own home or being as close to the real-life atmosphere as they can possibly be, albeit with the drawback of restricted views at times.  Regardless of which side you reside on, the ability to stream sports from anywhere in the world is a remarkable feature, especially with only as many as tens of thousands able to watch a game in person. Match tickets for Premier League clubs are tough to come by, but TV and streaming ensure people who are outside of the ground are not left behind.

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