How Everton Are Staying Ahead of The Merchandising Boom

Football is not just about what happens on the pitch; it’s an entire ecosystem that runs on fan engagement, sponsorships, and merchandising. According to Yahoo, the football merchandise market is expected to boom between 2023 and 2031, so clubs are racing to expand their offerings and cash in. For Everton, a club with a rich history and a dedicated fan base, this is an opportune moment to get ahead of the curve.

Everton’s Merchandising Landscape

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Let’s start with what the Toffees already have going for them. A quick scroll through the official Everton shop in previous months showcases many items, from jerseys and training wear to souvenirs and accessories. It’s all there, but is it enough? In a world where Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah has his own branded boots, and even lesser-known players have personal merch lines, maybe not.

This is where intelligent collaborations can come into play. The online casino sector, for instance, is simultaneously experiencing significant growth, just like football merchandising. Platforms like MrQ offer many casino games and have mastered the art of cross-industry collaboration, such as movie-inspired slot games. Imagine the potential of Everton-inspired slot games. It’s a match that benefits both parties and provides fans with a unique experience that combines gaming with the love of football. The trick is to get creative and think outside the traditional merchandise box.

How The USWNT “Always Possible” Campaign Sets a Benchmark

There’s much to learn about merchandising from the U.S. Women’s National Team’s “Always Possible” campaign. Not merely a catchphrase printed on apparel, it serves as a mission for the entire team and its supporters to rally around. The campaign successfully turned casual merchandise into meaningful keepsakes by making each piece of merchandise symbolize shared values. Everton has the opportunity to similarly instill their merch line with themes that resonate deeply with their supporters, transforming each item into a subject of fan dialogue.

The “Always Possible / Todo es Posible” campaign was built on three fundamental pillars: amplifying the voices of both fans and players, fostering connections across diverse communities, and kindling a sense of participation and inclusion. It’s more than just a merchandising strategy; it’s a blueprint for community engagement.

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More Than Just a Shirt: Everton and Hummel’s Commitment to Inclusion

Everton have teamed up with sportswear brand Hummel to release a limited-edition shirt to promote equality within football. The proceeds from this unique initiative will support Everton and its community’s acclaimed work in fostering inclusivity. Available online at and in physical stores at Everton One and Everton Two starting from 29th September, the shirt is a testament to Hummel’s century-long commitment to addressing social issues and driving change via sports.

The Danish brand, founded in 1923, has taken its ‘Equality Jerseys’ to an international scale, collaborating with seven associated clubs across Europe. Everton’s shirt design is inspired by the iconic Denmark ’86 kit, a pattern prominently integrated into several of Hummel’s 2023/24 kits, including Everton’s recently unveiled third strip. This initiative illustrates that Everton and Hummel are doing more than just talking about change; they’re actively engaging in the cause, one shirt at a time.

Staying ahead in the merchandising game requires more than yearly kit updates. It needs strategic collaborations and a touch of creativity, all infused with a strong brand message that fans can rally behind. The USWNT and global clubs have set the benchmark; now it’s Everton’s turn to claim a slice of this booming market.

Remember, it’s not just about shirts and scarves; it’s about encapsulating the club’s spirit and sharing it with the world.

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