Holy Trinity – Limited Edition Framed Print

Kendall, Harvey and Ball: It is only once in a generation that the gods of football provide the ideal formula for the beautiful game. And in the late-sixties, the followers of the royal blue faith were convinced that Goodison Park had been duly blessed with the presence of Howard Kendall, Colin Harvey and Alan Ball.

Respected as outstanding footballers in their own rights in an era of exceptional British players, the union of Kendall, Harvey & Ball represented the most stylish mid-field unit ever assembled by a British club.  Their repertoire of skills and telepathic understanding were beyond belief.

Perhaps their special chemistry was a product of good planning by the Goodison hierarchy or simply good luck.  No matter what the reason, their special blend of vision, technique, guile, courage and industry, thrilled football purists of all persuasions with breath-taking displays of the beautiful game.

Such tributes may sound like hyperbole and the three young Englishmen may sound like fantasy footballers but the fans who witnessed them in the sixties can confirm that ‘The Holy Trinity’ was indeed a revelation.

Celebrate The Holy Trinity with our limited edition framed print – a wonderful addition to your home and a thoughtful gift for any Everton fan.

Out of stock since December 2020, the final 32 framed prints from a total of 100 are now available.

Limited to 100 in number, The Holy Trinity print is truly limited edition so don’t hang around too long! We’re only selling 97 of these – with the first three going to each of the Kendall, Harvey and Ball families.

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(Due to courier costs – this product only ships within the UK)

Printed on high quality 268gsm silk.
Total frame size: 14 x 11 inch.
Perspex front (postage safety – no glass).

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