Evertonian Yasemin Thompson is appealing for fellow fans to support an appeal for Ocumel UK.

Hello, my name is Yasemin Thompson.

I am currently employed with East Kent Hospitals as the Ophthalmology partial booking coordinator.

Please help celebrate my 50th by donating to OcuMel UK and help stop these life sentences!

In September 2012, I was diagnosed with a very rare eye cancer (Choroidal Melanoma).

This Melanoma affects the back of the eye between the sclera (the white bit) and the retina, the light sensitive area, which sends information to the brain.  

Following treatment with Proton Beam therapy, in October 2012, which at the time was the only recognised treatment and it was only available at Clatterbridge Hospital at Merseyside I was overjoyed when my consultant Mr Sagoo told me that the treatment had been successful, but unfortunately it left me partially blind.

But more importantly it left me with my life, which I have lived to the fullest ever since.

Sadly though, I have recently been diagnosed with terminal liver melanoma metastases. Successful treatment options are no longer available to me as I have lost a large amount of my liver, this is partially due to limited research into this rare cancer.  

As I am turning 50 this year in July, I would love to mark this milestone by asking you all to help make a difference and donate whatever you can to OcuMel UK.  

This charity has needed much research in this rare form of cancer and in turn this may give patients a better chance of beating this disease than they can do right now.

This would be a wonderful way for me to say thank you to those who have looked after me over the years and for me to leave a small legacy behind.

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Hello, my name is Yasemin Thompson. I am currently employed with East Kent Hospital’s as the Ophthalmology partial…

Posted by Yasemin Olfaz Thompson on Thursday, 6 May 2021

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