Carlo Ancelotti on Everton 0-2 Newcastle

Carlo Ancelotti has criticised his players application in Everton’s 2-0 defeat to Newcastle.

Ancelotti to “Disappointed. Frustrated. We lost an opportunity. The reason was quite clear – Newcastle showed more spirit than us. They won a lot of duals, they won a lot of second balls – we gave them presents with a lot of corners.

“We have quality but without spirit, you are unable to show your quality.

When asked what Everton need to do in response, Ancelotti said: “It’s not difficult, just switch on your mental attitude.”

When speaking to BBC Sport, Carlo Ancelotti said: “We are not happy. The key point was that we didn’t have the same spirit as Newcastle.

“I know we have quality. The good run in the past is because we showed fantastic spirit on the pitch.

“Today, we forgot our spirit. We left it at home. We tried to play with quality but in this game, in all games to just try to play with quality isn’t enough. You have to sacrifice, concentration, motivation, ambition – we forgot this today”

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