Seamus Coleman slams teammates as embarrassment to Everton

Everton Captain Seamus Coleman has delivered a damning assessment on the integrity of his teammates following the disappointing 3-0 defeat to Wolves.

Seamus Coleman: “I think it was down to [the fact] they wanted it more, which I think is the biggest embarrassment for players, that’s it’s possible the other team wanted it more than you.

“It looked that way today – we were second best to everything.

“As individuals in the dressing room and as a Club, we need to be expecting better. We need to have a look at ourselves.

“Every time we go out and play for this Football Club, it’s got to mean something and – at Tottenham [a 1-0 defeat on Monday] and here today – it didn’t look that way.

“Sometimes you can look at the ins and outs of tactics or why we didn’t get the ball to the attacking players but sometimes it comes down to commitment and desire and wanting it more than the opposition. 

“The lads really need to dig in, myself included, get our heads down or that won’t be good enough for this manager. There are no hiding places.

“Around the place we need more commitment on a daily basis.

“We can’t keep hiding behind managers. We’ve hid behind managers long enough

“It’s certainly not good enough for this Football Club and the way I’ve been brought up here.”

Seamus Coleman’s disgust was shared by his manager, with Carlo Ancelotti calling out the lack of spirit in the Everton performance.

Carlo Ancelotti: “We didn’t show good spirit.

“More than the technical and tactical aspect, which was not good enough, the spirit of the team was unacceptable.

“There are some excuses [for Everton’s performance] but I don’t want to have excuses.

“The performance was not acceptable.

“We have to prepare for the game [against Villa] and work differently and have a different attitude.

“I said to the players, ‘This attitude is not acceptable to me’.

“We have to change immediately because we have a difficult game on Thursday and I want to see a different spirit.

“We have three games and have to finish the season in a different way.

“The attitude has to be different and it will be different.”

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