Mason Holgate “Best Decision I’ve Ever Made”

Mason Holgate believes his decision to move to Everton was the best he ever made, describing the clubs ability to make young players feel at home and providing a clear pathway as ‘class’

In an Instagram Live interview on New Era Global Sports’s page, Holgate admitted a move to Everton from Barnsley as an 18-year-old it was not an easy switch.

Holgate: “I think Everton is a huge, huge club and I couldn’t turn it down – especially when you’d seen people walk the same pathway as me. John Stones, Brendan Galloway – people signed from lower league teams were getting chances.

“It’s something I definitely wanted to be involved in straight away.

“I basically knew from the season before that I had to go, it was something I’d got my head around but no matter how much you think about it when you’re 18 – moving away, doing a medical and then moving straight away, it was something I found a bit difficult.

“Now I love it and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. A lot of people my age were going to uni, so I think my mum and dad tried to sell it to me like that, but it’s not really like that.

“Your friends who go to uni still live with people, whereas I was out on my own. I didn’t know how to turn a washing machine on, make food or anything! The first few months are a massive shock.

“But I think that’s where Everton are class. That’s why there’s a path through for people, the club makes you feel at home.

“Even though it was difficult at times being on my own, the club would make me feel a lot more comfortable, so I didn’t feel like I’d moved from one environment into another.”

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