Lucas Digne On ‘the best personal moment in my career’

Lucas Digne considers his stoppage-time equaliser against Watford last season as the best personal moment in his career.

Lucas Digne’s stoppage-time pinpoint 20-yard free-kick earned Everton a dramatic 2-2 draw against Watford at Goodison Park and although the left-back admitted disappointment with the result, he considers his first goal at Goodison in front of the Gwladys street the best personal moment of his career.

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Lucas Digne: “It was the best personal moment in my career. It was my first goal at Goodison.

“It was mixed [emotions] because I was disappointed with the result. But I was so happy with the goal.”

Speaking to Sky Sports, Lucas Digne also shared his belief that Everton are building something special and thinks we’re capable of doing ‘something’ this year.

“We have a big ambition this year. We are building something.

“We started last year with some new players and now we [also] have [more] new players coming in. They help us.

“We are building something to be better and better. I think we can do something this year.”

“Every time the team changes and it is good for competition. They put a lot of competition inside the team. And we can do better with them.

“When you look at last season, we finished well and we played well against the biggest teams.

“I think we can do something this year. If we start better than last year maybe we can finish up.”

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  1. Wish all our players acted the same as Digne and Gomes. In this world of mercenary footballers we have found two that genuinely appear to happy to play for us and give their all. No surprise why they get the love back from the fans because of this.

  2. [QUOTE=”Bruce Wayne, post: 7230393, member: 53″]
    Looking at his celebration, was his partner pregnant or something at the time? Might have had something to do with the meaning he attaches to the goal too.
    Baby was born near the end of March, beginning of April. That was about 5 months earlier so he’s just doing a ‘thinking of you fatty’ to his baby oven.

  3. [QUOTE=”Death, post: 7230470, member: 43971″]
    No lad Baines is old now and not what he used to be. Stealing a living. gerooooutz my clerrb lad.
    :cool:….think its fair to say its his club too. Let him have his pension season and enjoy him having his last few few gallops.

  4. [QUOTE=”Blue Roo, post: 7230066, member: 45887″]
    We’ve replaced one legend with another.

    No lad Baines is old now and not what he used to be. Stealing a living. gerooooutz my clerrb lad.

  5. Sign him to a life contract and build him a statue already. Jesus we have honestly been so lucky with our LB situation for the longest time

  6. He does genuinely seem to like it here.

    I’m used to some players of his quality being a bit stand-offish and/or fake in heir enthusiasm, with one eye cast towards their next move, but Digne does seem to “get” Everton.

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