Jags on Marco Silva

Phil Jagielka has been canvassing opinion from his friends within the game on Marco Silva.

Jagielka told evertonfc.com: “Everyone I’ve spoken to about him has said they’ve really enjoyed playing under him.

“I’ve got a few good friends at Watford and Hull and I haven’t heard a bad word said about him. He’s got high standards. He’ll expect us to work hard and train hard – and he’ll let us know exactly what he expects from us.

“I know the players and the fans will all get behind him. We have a new manager and new ideas and everyone will be super excited.

“He’s obviously seen the potential and how much of a big club we are and that’s why he wanted to come here. He’s a young manager too. We have enjoyed having managers here for long periods in the past – it gives us solidity and I believe we can move forward in the years to come.”

“That attacking brand is what the fans love to see here. If we can do that, and the results come too, everyone will be happy.

“You always look forward to those sorts of games where you’re allowed to go and express yourself a little bit more. It is about doing it at the right time but also having a plan B and plan C, too.

“There will be a little bit of added pressure coming back with everyone needing to perform straightaway. That can only be a good thing. Everyone will be in the same boat. It’ll be like the first day at school. We want to get to a good start next season and move the club forward.”

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