FANS EMAIL: An Open Letter to Richard Kenyon

As Big Sam completed yet another smug presser in which he singled out another person for blame in relation to increasing pressure due to poor performances, I chose to voice my support to the target of our manager’s abuse; this time it was Richard Kenyon, Director of Marketing and Communications.

I penned an open letter to our D.o.M., sent to his Everton FC email address;

Hi Richard

Like most fans who will be contacting you at the moment, I just want to echo my support as a fan to your work and the work of others at the club.

The point of the survey, which has been sensationalised by Media and fans alike, is a good idea as it was last season. Our difficult times this year should not have restricted such a survey being carried out again. Moreover, it is more important now than ever.

I like every blues fan am deeply concerned at the direction we’re heading in as a club. As I’m not a season ticket holder, (I live in Kent), I can’t take part in the survey, so I’d like to make it clear that I feel the club should be looking to restructure the undeniably flawed coaching and development system as soon as possible.

I don’t want to merely slander our current manager, as most fans writing to you will no doubt be justly doing. But I must share my disgust at his behaviour towards the likes of yourself, the medical staff, playing staff, fans and others at the club.

Shifting blame onto the shoulders of others has never been something I can sympathise with, especially not when you are representing the club in such a position of power. To slander you today, the Medical/PR department regarding Sigurdsson’s injury, the players after woeful performances for not carrying out his flawed tactics… It’s nauseating to see this cyclical series of excuses and blame shifting, and it’s not acceptable.

I’m sure you have your own views about this, and today will no doubt have been another stressful day for you in what has been a dire season for us all. I just hope that the club can see how he is behaving, not just to the fans (which has been contemptuous), but to club officials like yourself.

I will reiterate, I feel the club needs a whole restructure not only in order to improve results, but to rebuild a fractious, almost hopeless relationship between the fans and their beloved club.

Press speculation for once echos fan’s hopes and optimism in terms of new names mentioned for the roles of Manager and DoF. I hope the fans are being listened to, and I hope honest and hardworking individuals like yourself will prosper long term ahead of the likes of our current Manager.

Many Thanks and Warm Regards

Josh O’Collins

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