Sam Allardyce has slammed his team following their 5-1 embarrassment at Arsenal.

The words pathetic, crap and poor were used to condemn a performance which saw Everton 3-0 down within 21 minutes and 4-0 down by 37.

Allardyce: “I was angry. I’m still angry. I think accepting an instruction is part of a player’s responsibility at the level required. We tried to give the most instruction in the time we had available. There were clear instructions today because there was a good performance against Swansea [City] against Arsenal that gave them a good [3-1] victory and we based our plan on that.

“Unfortunately, Swansea played at the top of their game and we played at the bottom of our game. If you play at the Emirates, you’ve got to play at your best and our 11 didn’t play anywhere near our best, that’s why we were tumbling goals in a pathetic performance.

“None of it was any good in the first half. Our attacking wasn’t any good and our defending was pathetic. Tom Davies was good when he came on and [goalscorer] Dominic [Calvert-Lewin] did well and showed.

“Theo [Walcott] wanted to put on a good show but the pathetic performance we gave didn’t give him the opportunity to do that,” Allardyce added of Walcott, who endured a frustrating return to Arsenal and was subbed off.

“I had to change the system but it could have been anybody coming off – apart from the goalie.”

Allardyce was asked whether Ademola Lookmancould have had an impact.

“No, we’ve got £20m Theo Walcott and £30m Yannick Bolasie and if you’d put him out there he wouldn’t have done any better than the rest because the whole team played crap”

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Sam complains about consistency in players performances and yet his lineups appear to be drawn from a hat each week.
The players were poor today …but let's pick a standard formation and a fairly recognizable first 11 for the next few weeks and see how we get on.



Who shall we copy next week boys? I have taped match of the day. Let's see who won and play like them this time. Can't believe he admitted the Swansea thing in public. Management! My God.

I would like to see him try to play like Arsenal did yesterday.


This guys a moron.

Is he using the transitive property to coach the team? Well Swansea beat them and we beat Swansea so we built our game plan off of that. That doesn't even make sense.

If anything you integrate what you can from what Swansea did to them.

I could be wrong but his reasoning through out that presser seems simple and wrong.

Toffee in Jandals

we expect Everton to at least try and win every game of football they play

You're right mate. As much as I'd say that Nyako incident was regrettable.. The least i expect is for players of Everton Football Club is to fight for the shirts. We are regrettably bereft of that. To me that is unacceptable.

And that is a charge I lay at the governors of our great club.

Toffee in Jandals
Sentinel It's a broken record. But after all this time, 22 years without winning at Arsenal. Disgraceful. And that's not the only club. The message that comes through is, that failure is acceptable. Good sport/show and all that. Let's have a couple of glasses of claret. As much as I despise Gerard. He basically called it out. They fear them, too much respect, no pride in the shirt. How long have we been putting up with that? One thing about that lad, he'd run through brick walls for that crowd. Besides Davies and Rooney who do we have? And Kenright,… Read more »