Jonjoe Kenny has praised Sam Allardyce for having a positive impact on his development.

Kenny told “The manager has been brilliant for me.

“I am learning new things every day with him and his coaching staff. I want to keep improving but right now we need to be winning game and that is my main focus.

“Yes, we have a had a few defeats. We got the point last time out against West Brom but we want to win. We are at home [against Leicester next Wednesday] and we need to start winning at home and get the points on the board.”

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He's hardly going to come out and say 'got us playing this crap football ffs can't wait till he's gone'


Lose a few games – Check

Have absolutely woeful performances – Check

Put out news article supporting the manager from a player – DONE.



Pretty much 99% of what players say through official channels?

Send him on an international trip with the Belgium national team. That usually results in players forgetting to toe the party line.


Joel's got competition.

Talking to the press is part of their job and they have to do it. What is he supposed to say? 'I hate Allardyce, he's a stupid fat idiot and he makes me pass the ball back into my own half all the time and I'd rather play for Chelsea'?

That’d be a good start.

Gwladys St. Glory

You are right mate, I don’t know that at all.

I’d expect Allardyce to be training all the players. I’d just like to read something more interesting from the players.

Ossie goes carting is about as controversial as it gets these days, Muggs…