Kevin Mirallas has ended his five and a half year stint at Everton by returning to Olympiacos initially on loan until the end of the season.

Olympiacos have the option to make the move permanent after the loan has expired for a fee rumoured to be in the region of £4 million.

The Blues, back when David Moyes graced the Goodison hot seat, paid the Greek outfit £6 million in the summer of 2012 for the Belgian.

Mirallas made 186 appearances for the Toffees, netting 38 times.

But he’ll always be remembered for what could’ve been… it was clear Mirallas had ability in his locker, but getting it out of him on a consistent basis turned out to be mission impossible.

The attacker, who has been capped 56 times by his country, managed to fall out with all five managers he worked under at the club.

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Historically – first line of defence against the East (Persians, Arabs, Turks). Europe begins at Hellas. Some key dates out of the 100s available.

490 BC

480 BC

331 BC

602 AD–Sasanian_War_of_602–628

740 AD

863 AD

1048 AD

1453 AD

1821 AD–Egyptian_invasion_of_Mani

1821 -1831 AD

is right, I was right haha, I feel I deserve to grow a big white beard now as testament to my prophetic ways

Bob Elstone

Glad he's gone.

Complete waste of talent.

Tel001 Ancient Greece sounds awsome.. kill some Persians, get blind drunk then go around worshiping and spotting women. Yea. When people think of Western Civilisation – a lot of the time they wonder off into Mozart, Dickens and Jesus's teachings. This is because we allowed the Abrahamic desert religions of the Chrismusjews to dominate the West.. I always saw the foundation stones of Western Civilisation as inspired by Pagan Ancient Greece. Getting smashed on wine – and worshipping the right to get smashed – even having a God of wine.. going out to the movies..(Ancient Greek Theatre)… worshipping sport (Olympics,… Read more »
amalias Well Turks and Persians etc are not strictly speaking 'brown' but having been brought up on the BBC's special recipe of searching for offence on behalf of others I can clearly see how you got there. Some of the various armies that invaded Hellas used slave soldiers if that is any consolation? Ottomans and Persians were particularly fond of slave armies. The 100s of wars the Greeks fought against invaders were more about stopping the ideologies those invaders brought with them – namely Sunni Islam and a direct contradiction to the Greek's belief in things such as democracy, women's… Read more »

Still no details about the deal?

Do we get a loan fee?

Is this a loan with option to buy. If so how much?