Sam Allardyce’s first press conference as Everton manager.
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Given his track record, perhaps. But dunno, mate, just can't help but feel saying a manager has got 5 games to win you over / give you cause to write him off is somewhat harsh. Personally I'll reserve judgement until after January, not saying every game is a write off until then though, like.

I said I'll "start" judging him, never said anything about writing him off/winning me over instantly at 5 games


Thought it was a good interview; said all the right things without going overboard. I was kind of hoping he'd be sat there with a pint of Guinness in front of him and munching away on a meat & potato pie.

Blue Pride of Brum

Oh you all like him now?! Good luck mushes.


We were only ever going to get a manager out of work and Sam is the best from average bunch.
Good luck Sam and COYB.


It's bound to make a big difference having someone who is Chuffed to be our manager, rather than someone with no knowledge of what this great club stands for, or just seeing it as a stepping stone/pay day. As much as Silva would be a good appointment, I think he would fall into the latter category.

Sam will be driven. I especially liked his words on how he adapts to the footballing philosophy expected by the club. I think good things will come.