David Unsworth has thanked Evertonians for the reception he received during Everton’s 4-0 victory over West Ham.

Unsworth: “That was very special and I thank the supporters for that

“I have always had a wonderful affiliation with the Everton fans. I had a great relationship with them throughout my playing career. That was a nice personal moment and I thank them for that.

“It means the world to me. When we took over we were in the bottom three, so to get us up the league to 13th is a step in the right direction.

“We have had a lot of games in a short period of time and it has been a tough six weeks. But, hopefully, we have given the new manager and his staff a platform to build on tonight.”

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Couldn't have approached being caretaker with more class or heart, even as a number of our senior players and our board made tits of themselves on and off the pitch respectively.

Certainly not ready for the big job but has a load of potential and is a credit to the club.


Was there last night Davey what a night! You have been so loyal to “our” club player and caretaker manager not an easy job at the best of times “respect admiration” are Just two of many words I and am sure many blues will echo when i say “Good luck” and a massive “Thank you” xxxx


Shifted us 5 places in the table. Sterling effort. That's the task the new manager now has – shift us five places – and with much greater resources at his disposal than DU had, as players come back from injury and we buy again in the transfer window.

Saint Domingo

Absolutely horrific situation with his best players injured and a squad that had downed tools. Niasse then got suspended and Baines and Keane injured. Despite this he’s picked up 7 points in 5 games which will prove vital in getting to 40 points. Thank you Rhino.


…said in interview after the game that he will get his first night’s sleep in 6 weeks. I think that says a lot. He was left in charge for too long and i’m just glad for him and the team that he steps out of the spotlight on a high note.