A Conversation About Depression And Mental Health

Struggling with the world? Can’t, or don’t want to talk to anyone? Maybe you can anonymously talk about Everton on GrandOldTeam? And if you feel like it, there’s a dedicated thread pinned at the top of our Everton forum, which allows for discussion and help between fellow Blues on mental health-related issues. You don’t even have to post, just read. It’s helped loads of Blues who was/are finding life tough, it might help you.

The “Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues” thread pinned to the top of our Everton forum has been a real success, aproaching 350,000 unique views and with over 9,000 comments. The thread, started one of GrandOldTeam’s forum moderators Groucho allows for fans to talk about issues surrounding mental health and depression.

During the international break, we decided to look back at the success of the thread, and Dave provided examples of how it has helped people in a real and tangible way.

You can read the thread here.

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