Everton majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri has released a statement insisting Ronald Koeman has his total support.

Farhad Moshiri: “We are in a bad moment but we have played 4 title contenders, 3 away from home.

Today [Burnley] was the only unexpected loss. The 4 pre-qualifying UEFA games and 2 group games on Thursdays haven’t helped. There is mental and physical fatigue and 7 injuries.

These are early days and Koeman has my total support. We have great fans and they deserve better. We know the honest and objective expectations of our supporters and will not let them down”

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Woolly Blue

have come out of retirement to post.

Welcome back mate.

Foot Long Hot Dog

Behave Cribb lol

lol celebrating his 15th Anniversary of Everton Forum Bozoship

Well done Crabbs.

Foot Long Hot Dog

Moshiri is going to get dragged under the bus with Koeman.

It will start with Brighton.

Behave Cribb lol


We're Everton, we don't sack managers.

Was hoping with Moshiri at the helm that would all change.


Well its getting close to results or bust time for Koeman now in any case.

You don't get a vote of confidence only to need it again 3 or 4 games later, pressure is on now.

For our sake, rather than his, I hope he finds answers.

Whatever loyalty Moshiri has towards him will evaporate quickly when there is no other option to take to plug such a huge leak.

We need a bigger personality at the helm, you need to go back to Joe Royle's days for the last of those.