FANS EMAILS: The First Match

Recently I had the pleasure of taking my daughter to her first match. She’d seen the various open training sessions at Goodison, and had attended one of the U23 games there also, lasting the full 90 minutes.

But there was something special about taking my child (now 6) to her first game. It was the home game versus Ruzemberok. We went with my cousin Andy, and Adam from GOT TV/podcast, who I’m sure you all are familiar with.

Echoes of my first game were abundant (a 1-0 win against Newcastle when we were champions), and a walk around St. Luke’s pre-match led me to me buy a copy of my first games’ programme – I was amazed I’d been going to the match longer than Andy had been on this earth! That’s another story however.

The match was a fairly pedestrian 1-0 win, but with my little girl cheering all the while for Wayne Rooney, I have to say I filled up at times. Since then she’s caught the bug proper, and also came to the home fixture against Hadjuk Split.

Moral of the story is, cherish your kids’ first game. I’m glad I got to take her to Goodison before we move. Hopefully her younger brother (2) will also get to his first game at Goodison Park too.

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