Ronald Koeman refutes the media claims that Everton have been big spenders this window, claiming his club have only spent £7m.

Koeman also spoke of his desire to bring in three more players.

Koeman: “That’s three positions we’re looking for and one is not more important than the other to give some fuel for all these high expectations.

“I heard every time that ‘Everton is spending £100m, £100m, £100m’ but I saw the list and I think we’re 16th in the League for spending and we got £95m for Lukaku.

“We’ve only spent £7m. It’s a different picture then the media is talking.

“Three positions we need.”

Koeman said Sigurdsson remains close but added: “I haven’t had any call yet. That means that nothing is done.”

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Wow this is still going.

1000+ pages about something that is mathematical fact and shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.


AndyCDon't play the ref BB please.

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*realises it's @Sapie88's man tackle

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Boss_BlueCareful now, we have a superfan here.

Post a pic of your season ticket please lad with a note stating @davek is a boss blue otherwise you're lying.

Don't play the ref BB please.

JayKew1878lol oh lol oh lol Reporting someone who thinks someone is a Red. Just arrived home 4 hours there and 4 hours back. Cheered the team every minute of the 90 probably whilst others are looking for major faults. If people dont like how we are progressing and just moan and criticise everything about us then there is a shower of idiots, in fact a cult just across the park. They would welcome you with open arms. As for you, how old are you. It filled me with laughter. Reporting someone for calling someone a red. FFS get yourself a… Read more »

AndyCWe don't generally approve of posters referring to others as reds unless there is genuine, believable evidence mate, you might care to bear that in mind.
Davek might be argumentative, annoying, baffling, confusing, divisive, frustrating, irritating and many other descriptions, but one thing he isn't is a red.

Also, posters have been banned in the past for accusing others of being kopites.

Just saying.