Ronald Koeman has confirmed Ross Barkley has declined Everton’s offer of a new contract, insisting he instead prefers to look for a new challenge.

Koeman also admitted he “100% expects Ross Barkley to leave”

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Stuartisitc1878why was Ross given the No.8 shirt this season? Assuming he'd made his wish to leave very clear and lets for argument sake say Koeman made it clear he had no future why given him a first team starting number… do like they did with Joel and give him a squad number in the 30's

As of last week we still hadn't had a concrete offer on the table from anyone for Ross. Until he's sold he's still in the squad, and therefore needs a number.


Brisan123Sorry it was Wednesday before the EL game sell out shows excitement
The video has the interview,it's the second interview at the bottom of the page

Great, thanks!


mahermi1And quite a few of the other daily papers, Koeman also said it was a very good offer, in the Echo the biggest wage deal in Evertons history. Or maybe we should just believe you and your agenda against everything Everton. What do you think it was then Davek, the minimum wage £7:85 per hour, a zero hours contract ? No wonder poor Ross wants to leave oops sorry is being forced out.



Stuartisitc1878just throwing it out there. I personally think Koeman wanted him to sign and stay.

Me too.