The Force Awakens

Word travels fast these days. Gone are the days where you could find yourself out of the loop if you forgot to buy a newspaper. In these modern times of instant messaging, social media and 24 hour news coverage there really is no excuse for being unaware of current affairs, especially when it comes to the most shameless self promoter of them all the Premier League.

And yet there is a major story developing that nobody seems to have picked up on. Hold the front page! Everton are back. So why has it been dismissed as fake news?

When Iranian billionaire Farhad Moshiri bought a 49.9% stake in Everton in February 2016 it was party time for Blues fans after years of dodgy loans, debt repayments and Denis Straqualursi’s. But the world wasn’t listening, a fact made clear by the open media questioning of why on Earth Ronald Koeman would leave Southampton to join such a club. A sideways step said some. A backwards step said Matt Le Tissier. Evertonians were left scratching their heads.

Fast forward a year and the achievements by EFC have been stacking up. Debts cleared, transfer records broken, new stadium project announced, fans selling out every game home and away and an ever growing season ticket waiting list. Not to mention Europa League qualification and the U23 Premier League title. At the time of writing we are the biggest transfer spenders in the entire league in 2017. I’ve been telling everyone that Everton’s on the up and up!

But it’s still met by blank faces and the same old retort over and over again. “You’re just spending the Lukaku money”.

So this is our moment to prove them wrong. The world believes we have spent the Lukaku money already because that’s how lower clubs operate – selling their best player and reinvesting the money in multiple signings to improve the team overall. Well done to them for spending the it first and getting business done early they say. Now little old Everton will bank the cash.

Spending it will make everybody sit up and take notice. There will be no clearer sign of our re-emergence as a force in English football than us receiving a record fee and sending the money straight back out the door with interest. The doubters will have nowhere left to hide. The sell to buy spell will have been broken and they will know what we have been telling them for 18 months is true.

Our time is now. Everton are on the way back to where we belong, it’s just ironic that it will have taken the sale of our best player for anyone to realise we’re serious.

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