Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has issued an open letter to all Evertonian’s to ease concern towards over proposals of Everton’s new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock to become the main athletics venue for Liverpool’s 2022 Commonwealth Games bid.

Architect Dan Meis prompted heated discussion this morning after insisting a temporary track wouldn’t harm Everton’s stadum design, and after Liverpool revealed details of its bid for the 2022 Commonwealth Games whereby the new Everton stadium at Bramley Moore Dock would be the main athletics venue, with a temporary track installed, Mayor Joe Anderson has defended the plans to utilise Bramley Moore Dock in an open letter to Evertonians;

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chicoazulThe Lower Gwladys got that covered bro.

Not true. We boo only, we don't instruct.


Saint DomingoBut he needs to be told to 'TERN ROSS'

The Lower Gwladys got that covered bro.

Saint Domingo

chicoazulAye it doesn't matter how close they put the fans to the pitch if yer dar got a bad pint of Carling and would rather scream at Barkley than get behind the bloos.

But he needs to be told to 'TERN ROSS'


Dubai BlueI don't know Allianz's dimensions, but I reckon you can fit a 400m running track on top of the 1st tier. If that's possible, some simple structural support and its sorted


No it still wouldn't fit.
The lower tier has 25 rows.
This would only give about 162 metres when added to the pitch length and gap behind each goal line.

It'd probably end up at the level of the 2nd tier exits thus rendering this tier unusable.

View attachment 37860 Telford-Feb-85Think modern guidelines mean you can only get 10m or so from the pitch anyway. Intimacy and modern stadia don't go. So that said, think it's more than possible to do if you want intimate by modern standards. Not strictly true. UEFA/FIFA have 'guidelines' of recommended distances from the touch/goal line to row 1 however they don't have to be adhered to as they only a guide. Spurs have ignored these guidelines after fan consultation to try to keep all stands as. Lose as possible to the pitch. They've even place the "home end" within 5 metres… Read more »