Adam is joined by Graham from Sunderland’s Roker Report to give us the Sunderland perspective on Jordan Pickford.

Graham: “He’s brilliant. He’s going to be world class and I mean that.

“Pretty much universally, fans are saying anything less than £30m is not enough, there’s still people now saying it’s not enough. He’s got the potential to be much better than what you’re paying for him. I know that’s hard to say for a goalkeeper that’s been relegated and played 20, 25 games in a season but honestly he’s probably the best talent that has come through our youth system and probably one of the best to come through any English clubs youth system. He’ll be England’s number one within six months.

“Great shot stopper, very vocal. I was at his debut, I thought he was going to be good. He’s better than I thought he was. He had people like John O’Shea, experienced professionals – he’s not afraid to bollock someone. He’s vocal, he’s aggressive – he’s cocky, in a good sense. He’s confident, he’s a good shot shopper. He makes the right balls. Unbelievable distribution”.

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Adam-GOTTVPerfect @jackyboy. Aiming to do a few a month so message me on here and we'll sort it out. 🙂 They'll only get better.

Very cool – subscribed via soundcloud. If your ever looking for a Yanks perspective on all things Everton….. 😉


Always have time for podcasts. Will it be available on iTunes if it takes off?


Nice one. Love me a good podcast. Interesting to hear just how high Sunderland fans rate him.

Noble Savage

Pete CampbellYeh great stuff, will they be available on itunes by any chance?

I'm thinking the same thing . Would be great to be able to listen to some informed footie chat while working

Pete Campbell

Yeh great stuff, will they be available on itunes by any chance?