Schneiderlin’s Ambition

Morgan Schneiderlin is keen to perform well to put Everton in the spotlight, to aid his own chances of earning a recall to the French national team.

Schneiderlin: “It [the competition] motivates me very much. The French national team is full of great talents, everywhere. The academies in France are doing very well and it motivates me because I know I have the capacity to play in the French national team and I want to play with the best from my country.

“It is my ambition to play for France but I know it’s going to be hard this season because there is a lot of competition and there are a lot of people doing well.

“I lost my place because I was not playing for the first six months of this season. Now, of course, I am playing well but the other players have done very well, too.

“It’s going to be up to me to produce good performances. That’s what I’m doing at the minute and then I’ll see. I’m just waiting.

“Hopefully I can be back there but first, for me, is still to have good performances with Everton and put the Club in the spotlight. Then, through that, I can put myself in the spotlight.

“If it doesn’t happen [this season], I can have a bit of time for my body to relax and then have a very good pre-season to be able to push for next season and a year of very hard matches.”

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