GrandOldTeam TV phoned Everton legend Neville Southall on Thursday night for a little chat.

Nev spoke about the philosophy of the club over the past couple of years and the need to adopt a winning mentality moving forward.

Adam also asked about how Howard Kendall only encouraged the best in the 80s and the differences between that Everton team and the modern equivalent.

Southall, who played 578 times for Everton and won the league twice, offered his suggestions for improving the atmosphere at Goodison, as well as talking about Everton’s current goalkeepers.

To finish, Nev gave his opinion on the potential return of Wayne Rooney and the future of Ross Barkley.

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Just bumping this in case anyone missed it…

Chunky FrankfurterThe part about Kuyt is true, a pretty limited footballer that has incredible big game ability. The thing about him though is he was an important (and he certainly was) part of good Liverpool teams, but he had some really great players leading the team (Alonso, Mascherano, Gerrard, Torres, Suarez). Apart from Lukaku, we don't have this quality. Also, Kuyt left Liverpool when his prime was ending. Rooney would be coming here as his is/has ended. Rooney would be on double the wages Kuyt was, in his prime. Yeah, but I feel we have to get players of rooneys… Read more »

It's a weird one with Nev, he simultaneously speaks the truth and chats utter wham.


Greatest living Everton player

Chunky Frankfurter

Also, thank you for these interviews. A really great part of this site.