Evertonian Reaction To Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku’s comments yesterday evening has prompted a lot of debate across our channels – over 15,000 comments made from Evertonians so far. For the lazy among us who can’t be arsed reading loads – we’ve highlighted a selection at complete random below.

Thanks to everyone who log on to our platform and contributes.


tirion: doesn’t say anything wrong to be fair, in fact just asks the same questions that we were all asking at the end of August. might even force them to up their game, similar to January

Khalekan: Does he ever think to look at himself? He talks about wanting to win trophies and we are on board with him there. But he missed a penalty in the semi final last year which might have got us to the Final and given him and us a great chance to break the trophy drought. To me, he doesn’t want to be here. Simple as. No amount of platitudes will convince me and I suspect the vast majority of posters on here any differently. Blaming the board us just an easy way out. If he had came out with that when the season was over and moved on I could have happily lived with never seeing him play for Everton again. Now I have to look at him taking a big wage from my team another four or five times between now and May. And I am sure he will be as de-motivated about EFC as I am about him.

Ashwuk76: I’m sorry but I’m struggling here… he’s saying exactly what we are all thinking.. .. where does it say he won’t sign the contract? Where does it say he wants to leave? He’s just as frustrated as we are at the lack of quality signings. Let’s hope this wakes up the board to deliver what they said they would. I take it from this that he wants to win with Everton but those around him be that the board or manager don’t want the same…

exhiledtoffee: Doesn’t say a thing wrong there imo, who in his position wouldn’t be asking the same? How many of us have said the same? Yes he has his faults, but the guy wants to win, I for one only hope the Board can match that ambition

ToffeeTim: The echo spun this as something it isn’t. It’s a fine interview by someone who wants to win far more than our board.

Zezti: Isn’t that the same as how we all feel? Every transfer window we hear links; Moutinho, Witsel, Mata, VVD, etc and every window we end up frustrated and underwhelmed. He has said nothing that we haven’t said ourselves.

Tubey: He’s right though. As said, the lack of statement signing last summer was telling. That window did colossal damage to us. That said, he shouldn’t be saying it, period. He’s trying to engineer a move, believing he’s bigger than the club. My answer for that behaviour is always the same – drop him, set a large fee and let him rot in the reserves until someone meets it. He’s not bigger than the club, so I hope we act with a bit of pride on this one.

Summerisle: Moshiri’s said exactly the same thing “we don’t want to be a museum, we want to win”. We need patience, let’s see what happens in the summer.

TrixyStevens: It reads to me like ‘show me your ambition and I will sign’.  I still think he’s being disrespectful with the timing of all of this but I would have to agree with him in terms of what the club’s mission is. For far too long we the fans have been led up the merry path by Kenwright and to an extent, moshiri as well with regards to the failure in the summer transfer window.

RFUS: Good interview that. He’s clearly been sold the story that Everton are back but like us is waiting for the actual evidence. All the while he’s performing at a level fit for a team in 1st or 2nd, not 7th.  Hopefully we make a statement this summer and show Rom and the world that we mean business. But if not I can’t blame him for wanting to leave. 4 seasons at any club is a large portion of a player’s career. And for 2 seasons he’s been performing at a level we as a team aren’t matching. I just don’t see how people could begrudge him leaving.




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