Adam covers five things Evertonians were saying after the 3-2 defeat against Tottenham on Sunday afternoon.

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dave abrahams

With regards to the heading on this thread, I thought Haye, on one leg, showed more spirit, heart and determination than a lot of our players. That is until Koeman made his substitutions, when we made more of a game with Spurs.


Adam-GOTTVHow dare you.

…in respect of Barry, RK likes to play him against teams who have clever players who work 'between the lines'. He also did it against City because Barry operates in those areas. I said in the lead up to the game I wouldn't be surprised if Barry is involved. The logic was sound but unfortunately Barry had a poor game. I fear it also disrupted the balance of the side, especially the Gueye/Schneiderlin axis.

Perhaps at his age Barry struggles to hit the ground running if he's not getting regular game time. Keep up the good work.


Adam-GOTTVHi all,

Latest GOT TV is out.

@Bryan kept telling me off for shouting, so I've tried to stop shouting. Comments from the likes of @banno @bflefc and @Jamiednm.

Enjoy, and feel free to share. Thanks to everyone who watches! I appreciate it and owe you all a beer.

Ignore Bryan mate, everybody else does.

Thanks again for the time to produce these videos.


Adam-GOTTVSomething I said? 😳

Tim likes to be the first post on each new thread mate – nothing personal.