Martinez Slams Mike Jones’ “Unacceptable” Performance

Roberto Martinez has described the referee’s performance (Mike Jones) as unacceptable in Everton’s 3-3 draw with Chelsea.

John Terry scored from an offside position eight minutes into an allocated seven minutes injury time to level the game at 3-3.

“Anger, pure anger,” Martinez said when asked how he felt.

“It’s a clear-cut offside that should have been spotted. To make it worse, it’s 50 seconds over time.

“We have the best league in the world but the referee’s performance (Mick Jones) was unacceptable. No explanation. 2 major, major errors

“It’s something that’s not good enough.

“There is no explanation. It’s a big, big error.”

Chelsea’s manager, Gus Hiddink agreed: “I won’t deny it and say I didn’t see it. Our goal was off-side.”

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