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Martinez Post Match Comments

Martinez on Mark Clattenburg: “The feeling is extra frustrating today, you cannot understand how such an experienced referee gives that decision right at the end.

It was such a wrong call. Someone with his experience should understand a bit about the game.

“John Stones got a touch of the ball and from that moment on you can see there is a doubt in the mind of the referee.

“He didn’t give it straight away, he wanted confirmation so he goes to his linesman who is 45 yards away. To go on his view is very disappointing for us.

“We want a bit of consistency, look at the incident with Seamus the difference in my eyes is that the left-back from Stoke is behind the player.

“So if he goes to ground and he has not touched the ball, it has to be a penalty. With the incident with John, he is ahead of the striker, so you are always going to have a doubt, even if he doesn’t touch the ball.

“When you see the replay, John touches the ball. So with the law, it is very disappointing that he got that one wrong. And it is extra painful because he was not consistent throughout the game.

“I saw him after, I have huge respect for Mark,” he said. “He has always been someone who is very honest, a perfectionist in what he does.

“Today he was very much out of sorts. The big decisions punished us incredibly. The first half with Seamus Coleman and Pieters in the box and to give a penalty in the 89th or 90th minute, you have to be certain.”

Martinez on Everton’s performance:  “We weren’t wise enough to settle into the game and manage that period a lot better. It was a game we didn’t deserve to lose.”

“As a team we need to be more wiser, we need to learn quickly. We didn’t manage the game. We got ourselves 3-2 up. We need to improve.

“Yes, it is a recurring theme but one that shows the right path in a way.

“We want to get ourselves in front and therefore you will have to put yourself forward. It is an overall feeling we need to get better in that situation. We know how to protect those leads and make sure we get the return on points.”

Martinez on Tim Howard:  “At the moment there is a bigger picture, nobody has got their position safe.

“Everyone is fighting for their starting spot, and it’s no different for anyone but we have to get better as a team. The competition for places is always there, there are a lot of games in the next few weeks. There is going to be a lot of completion for places.”

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The History of Everton Football Club In One Image