Those always content with an Evertonian at the helm despite his lack of capital are pleased Bill Kenwright will stay on while the supporters desperate for that much-needed cash boost have also got their wish.

Thank You Bill Kenwright Plane Banner

A plane will fly over Goodison Park carrying a supportive, thank you message to Bill Kenwright when Everton host Aston Villa on 21st November.

An Evertonian, Stephen K setup a ‘gofundme‘ page asking for donations “to thank Bill Kenwright for everything he has done for our club”.

Here is a chance for all Evertonians to thank Bill Kenwright for everything he has done for our club.

Most of us can see the progress made under Bill and can recognise this might be the last time the club is in the hands of a true Evertonian.

If we get to £700 we are going to fly a plane over Goodison at the Villa game and thank him for everything he’s done.

Anything over the cost of a banner will go to Everton in the Community.

The donation target of £640 was reached within a couple of days. As of writing, 74 people have donated a total of £890.

We asked Stephen for some additional comment;

“For a long time now, I’ve felt that a vocal minority were dominating headlines about the running of the club.

“It’s clear to many Evertonians that Bill Kenwright is a fantastic chairman with a really genuine love of the mighty blues. When the club does eventually change hands, we’re going to lose something major. Never again will we be owned by someone who understands what it means.

The speed at which the donations flew in, has confirmed this to me and we’re going to be able to fly a plane above Goodison at the villa game!”


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