Spurs v Everton Preview

Another difficult game and one which rounds off an eventful week in the life of Everton FC.

Apparently money can’t buy everything, as Robert Redford looks on and makes a snarky comment to his driver.

Only a short one this week as loads going on, if I had a filofax it would be getting padded through and air sucked between my teeth. Not that you’re arsed, you’re only here for the photos and to enthuse over line ups that you’ve used on FIFA.

We lost our first league game which was no surprise against a City team chocka full of ace players and in particular that Silva lad. City should be up there at the end so there’s no shame, just a bit of disappointment that a mature Everton performance in the first half went astray as City moved through the gears after the break.

The league cup game was a bit of rum entertainment as eight goals were scored and over fifty shots were whacked at goals. Savvy substitutions and some Everton heart rescued the day but the media didn’t want to talk about that, instead preferring to insist on John Stones moving to Chelsea.

I can’t be arsed adding too much to it as it will be sensible to wait until the transfer window closes. It is however nice to see Everton standing up for themselves against a tedious game of brinkmanship, but hey it’s the Premier League and that’s how it rolls so best enjoy them while you can. The tough love tactics of calling Stones a rat must have paid dividends.

It’s been followed up by Coleman being wanted by PSG in the media. It’s best to ignore it, you’d get more truth out of a lad returning to his missus from a stag do in Magaluf. The transfer window is nothing but Eastenders for bellwipes in their late teens and twenties.

Fixating ourselves firmly on the football then we have a Saturday evening encounter with Spurs at White Hart Lane as the formative Premier League season clunks on. Never an easy game against them as they’re chockablock with exotic players that people can’t wait to get into their fantasy football team at the beginning of the season but drop like an Asian airline when they seldom adapt to English football.

Pochettino is the latest manager for a team that always seem to be in a state of flux. With his head like an unloved moon he is going about his business to mixed reviews. For as much as Spurs spend the more they stay the same. At least it’s consistent.

Fan wise they have the same sort of fatalism as us – eternally waiting for them to be boss again while it usually goes nothing like that. They’ve got more of that money stuff too but the top of the table is a locked shop.

They’re just whammed 22 big ones at some German team for a South Korean forward called Son but he’ll not get his clearance to play which leaves us with Harry Kane who is an absolute shoo in to play Fagin in small city pantomimes long after his career finishes. Sometimes the face just fits.

Erikssen is missing out through injury which is good news for us and will leave Dembele and young Alli as the creative hub in their side, ably assisted by the improving Chadli from out wide.

Alderweireld and Vertonghen are classy but occasionally vulnerable centre backs who if they had English nationality would be quite the hot thing right now. Rose and Walker will provide threat from full back and Lloris plays in the sticks. That’s your Spurs.

I’d be surprised if Martinez changed the starting line up from the previous two league games, despite efforts from Mirallas and Deulofeu midweek to stake their claim. Spurs will look to keep the ball and dominate the midfield so whoever wins that particular battle have a good chance of winning the game.

Lukaku has started the season well and our over reliance on him for goals magnifies his importance to the current Everton team. He’s much better playing with someone up top to share the load so you can expect Kone’s resting in the cup to nail him a starting place next to Lukaku. It’s a time of opportunity for him and he’s been steady if not spectacular. Same as the team really.

Cleverley has slotted in well and is hopefully making some amongst our fanbase have a rethink over their tactic of kicking off at every signing we make from Man Utd. Barry’s legs struggle with three games in a week so he was sensibly sat out in the cup and should start in this, along with McCarthy.

Barkley looks like he’s starting to realise he’s better than most of the rest and with a bit of confidence in his game he is an increasingly important player to us, his linking up with Lukaku is coming on and reflected in the assists he’s laid on for him already this season. Barkley is also helped by being played slightly further back where he can pick up the ball and slalom past other players like he’s playing in the year two above them. Long may that continue.

Jagielka and Stones will play centre back as there’s no real alternatives to that. Much will be made about Stones’ mindset but it’s a game of togger and he’s had plenty of practice so do your sexy thing John and we’ll all get along just fine again. Coleman will start at right back and has been quietly improved in the limited games so far. Oviedo looked off the pace somewhat but I think he’ll start as I’m not sure if Galloway is crocked or not. Absolute bummer that Leighton Baines picked up this injury, he’s sadly missed.

Robles playing in goal reminded you that the lesser of two evils in sometimes an apt choice, he of the star jumps will return to the startling line up.

This game is the last for two weeks as the most annoying timed international break of the year kicks in. Any sort of points from the game will make for a decent start to the season, maybe better than we were expecting and with some new signings on the way. Spurs haven’t won any of their games yet and will have ambitions of their own so it’s going to be no simple task.

If you love something then apparently you should let it go and if comes back then it’s yours to keep. In a week where Everton took a leaf out of the Fritzl book of possession it would be a good thing to sign it off the acest of Evertons doing their thing.

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