Mourinho Hits Back

Jose Mourinho has responded to Roberto Martinez expressing his disappointment towards Chelsea’s transfer antics

Mourinho reckons he has presented a problem between Stones and Everton, and that Everton have stopped short from insisting Stones isn’t for sale.

Mourinho told Sky Sports News: “We made a bid because we like the player, we don’t make bids for players we don’t like – but I respect Everton. It’s up to them – everything is in their hands.

“I don’t speak about him (Stones) because he’s not my player. We’ve made the bid and the bid is there. Everton have the power to accept or refuse the bid.

“This is a problem between John Stones and Everton.

“When the transfer window is open, every club and player is open to bids.

“Bids come for our players and we make bids for other players. The process can be so simple.

“I would advise Roberto Martinez to do the same thing I do. If I don’t want to accept any offer, I say ‘I don’t accept any offer’. He can make it very, very easy.”




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