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Hi all, in these last few throes of the season, I’ve sought out another blue to give us some views on the meaning of lif…. err, I mean football. This week I cornered Paul Bristow, regular matchgoer at Goodison….

So the season is coming to an end – could you sum it up in one word?

Disappointing. I sound like Walter Smith there.

The football has been quite lacklustre at times, hasn’t it?

Yes, and more so in comparison to last season. Rather than moan about the quality of football we played, I take issue with the sheer lack of effort at times. I know teams can hit poor form, and we’ve enough quality to overcome that, but all Evertonians have ever asked from players is 100% effort. I don’t feel we’ve had that from the players this season.

Indeed. Does the Europa League have any hand in that?

Not in my opinion. These are all players around 35 or under, and paid handsomely for the privilege of playing for Everton. If you can’t play two games of football in a week at that age, and being paid that much, there’s something very wrong. And considering we played well in Europe, Europe can’t really be held as an excuse, as if it was indeed a problem, they’d have performed badly in Europe too.

Very true. Do you think football is being disengaged from the very fans that make it what it is?

Definitely so. When I started going to Goodison, you could get in for £8. The players are paid too much, and the fans are charged too much for everything to do with football, merchandise and tickets.

I wholeheartedly agree. To finish, what one thing would you change if you were in charge of FIFA for a day?

Simple, I’d introduce a wage cap and transfer fee ceiling.

Some very good views there, and I think many will agree with them. I’ll be around Goodison on Sunday, so perhaps you’ll be our next interviewee.

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