“Martinez will win us something”

Everton legend Neville Southall has lavished praise on Roberto Martinez, insisting he’s the best Everton manager since Howard Kendall and is adament Martinez will win Everton trophies.

Southall told TalkSport: “Roberto is definitely the man to lead Everton and he’s the best manager we’ve had since Howard Kendall. He will win something for us.

“There are not many managers who can walk into a club and change the philosophy. His problem this season is going to be the expectation.

“People are turning up to the ground and expecting Everton to win by lots of goals.

“The crowd noise level went down last year. I went to see the match against West Ham last season and it was really quiet. I was wondering why this was happening and then you realise the expectation he’s brought in, and the type of football he’s playing, people are sitting there saying, ‘entertain me’.”

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