Everton V Real Betis Sunday 11th August

Ok, here goes – Roberto Martinez in the Goodison dugout for the first time as our new head honcho. I´m actually quite looking forward to this one.

So far we´ve had a decent pre-season against proper opposition. Not that there´s anything wrong with playing lower league teams, and I certainly mean no disrespect towards them, but Juventus and Real Madrid, and now Real Betis must surely provide a better preparation than forever playing Preston North End or Kilmarnock.

Real Betis are in the Europa League this season so hopefully we can gauge where we are, ability-wise, against tomorrow´s opponents. After all, we beat Juventus on penalties and looked decent, albeit on the losing side, against a Real Madrid side containing Ronaldo, no less.

So after tomorrow´s game, it´s the real thing – the start of the season, proper football. Maybe this´ll be our year for a cup (providing the FA don´t do what the organisers of our pre-season tournament did and change the rules midway).

Whatever you think, get into ´em blues!!!!

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