Accrington Stanley Vs Everton, July 17th KO 19:45

Well, pre-season has rolled around quick and, after seeing a narrow defeat to the reigning Austrian champions, our attention turns to Accrington Stanley.

Accrington Stanley? Who are they, I hear you ask. Actually, milk adverts from my childhood aside, they are actually fellow founder-members of the football league. In and out of existence over the past century, their entire set up has consisted recently, almost entirely of scousers. Also, their manager is former blues striker James Beattie, who I have to say was most polite to me and the wife when I met him in Selfridges in Manchester. Held the lift for us, with the baby and everything

Apostolos Vellios (swoon) scored on Sunday, and like a lot of us, I expect to see quite a bit more of him and other young players. This lad has, after all, got some Premiership experience, he´s scored against Chelsea amongst others and hopefully he´ll get his chance and impress us. We may have a top striker under our noses. Duffy also comes under a similar category for me, albeit in defence. If only Moyes would´ve chanced them more.

But I don´t want to deal with “if only”. David doesn´t live here anymore – we have a new man now, who is referring to Everton as “us”, and not as a third party (I loved Moyes, but that got right on my wick). Yes, we may have been defeated by a side who are well ahead in their pre season preparation and who, as stated earlier, are current domestic champions but we must accept that these games at the moment are little more than a fitness and rotation exercise.

We´ve sold out our allocation for this one so only one thing remains to be said – COYB!!!!!

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