Tri-o. Tri-o. I want a Trio and I want one now.

So were down to three like some jarg episode of Britain´s Got Talent and for some; battlelines are drawn. Huge couple of days ahead as were likely to find out who the nineteenth full time manager of Everton football club is going to be. Vote now.

There´s numerous whispers, thoughts and tip-offs but the only thing I´ve concluded is that Finch Farm must employ enough people to wipe out unemployment in the land as it would seem nearly everyone knows someone who works there.

With the onset on everyone being online these days it´s been the first manager change we´ve had where there´s truly accessible internet opinion floating around from Evertonians all over the show and it´s been quite a spectacle. There´s polls and hardened debate about who and who our next manager needs to be this person or another.

In amongst it some get too attached to whoever they´re backing. It´s the same principle as someone buying a particular brand of phone and arguing to death in the pub about how it´s better than all of their mates´ phones.

We focus on the negatives and that makes sense as you´re keen to avoid the imminent meltdown which you fear is never far round the corner with Everton but this is a very different Everton from the last few times we had a manager change. In fact we´ve not been in such good shape for a manager switch since 1987 and that was the last one which wasn´t enforced by the sacking of our manager but instead the seduction of Kendall by Bilbao, which sounds like a generic Mills & Boon title you´d find in a car boot sale.

I´m in the prudent band of fence sitters who can´t decide which one of them is the best man. They´ve all got their pros and cons and I´m easily swayed by some of the compelling – and less compelling arguments such as Vitor´s one of them tits who´s always got his expensive watch hooked over his sleeve so everyone sees it.

Whoever comes in will find a very talented squad of players who can play very good football indeed. There´s not many good managers out there that would turn their nose up at it.

Take a step back and appreciate three seemingly capable candidates applying for the job of Everton´s manager. Sure you may have you favourite for a multitude of reasons and you could very well be correct in your foresight but whoever gets it out of the three will also bring some optimism as they´re all talented in their own right.

I was expecting some candidates in there that made my stomach swirl like unexpectedly finding me mar´s not very well stashed sex toy. But not one of the three appointed would leave me disappointed truth be told, and there´s something to be said for that as on the sly I´m sh*tting myself over this brave new future so keen to swerve any Mike Walker re-run.

In the absence of a crystal ball or a DeLorean we can´t know what´s yet to come but it´s not necessarily all bad so why are so many fretting? Yes it is going to be a tough ask to replace Moyes´ consistency but were also capable of tw*tting any team in that division. As with many successful teams it´s a case of the right man coming along at the right time.

The past decade has been one of stabilisation and slow progress to methodically put Everton in a much healthier position and were still some way of where we need to be.

Along the way there´s been a fractured fan-base over a number of issues but we desperately need to swerve that happening with whoever is awarded the job.

That decision is likely to have a massive impact of our short and medium term future so that nineteenth manager will need the same resolve and backing usually afforded to an Everton manager. Not in the kopite banner-making-cardinal-worshipping-new-messiah type way but our usual get the f*ck into these and don´t be a tit in the media and you´ll do for us type way.

And let´s see what happens.

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