Post derby blues

A dull game resulting in a point apiece and little in entertainment value rounded off this year´s local hostilities. E

verton remain five points ahead of Liverpool with two games left to play, but that apart it´s very much an end of season feel for both clubs with no cup or European incentive to play for.

The boring game didn´t leave much to debate so it´s with interest that we note Social Media ablaze with some hurtful allegations of tasteless Everton chanting and behaviour.

It barely needs referencing because it´s patently not true. For the past twenty four years LFC has had the full support of EFC over the Hillsborough disaster. Many didn´t need to be told THANKS as they´re merely doing the right thing as has been done from the start and will continue to do so. The gesture was a good one and well received however.

The partisanship of a fierce local rivalry can sometimes muddy the waters of amicability between both clubs but it needs pointing out that although perhaps crass, the chant “Always the victim, it´s never your fault” does not in any way shape or form refer to Hillsborough. It´s a rip about the FA Conspiracy and avid Suarez backing. But you already knew that didn´t you?

That´s what makes it distasteful to see a local paper columnist, ex Liverpool player and, well, scouser making those comments in John Aldridge.

Two great teams from a wonderful city have a lot to be proud of, despite the crap game. Those with influence on both sides need to ensure a little restraint post derby game.

Justice for the ninety six.

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