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Stephen Hughes

Steve, 54 and from Walton, has been an Evertonian all his life, and was kind enough to speak to me just after the final whistle on Sunday.

He has seen some memorable matches and some great Everton sides in his time.

What was your first match at Goodison?

SH: It was against Middlesborough on 19th April 1976. I think Jack Charlton was their manager at the time, and I think Dave Jones and Andy King played for us that day. Billy Bingham was our manager at the time, but I always preferred Harry Catterick. The match finished 3-1 to us, with Connolly, Bob Latchford and Jim Pearson scoring for us. I think we finished 11th in the league that year.

What do you make of the modern game compared to when you started watching football?

SH: Having watched through the 70´s up to now, I actually find no difference in the standard of officials – remember Clive Thomas! Also, the players´ wages could be quartered and they´d still be well off. I know some people who won´t go to the match because of the wages alone.

What was your favourite match?

SH: Too many to choose from, vs QPR in ´85, and the ECWC semi-final, but the absolute favourite is the ´95. FA Cup final.

If you were in charge of the FA for a day…………

SH: I´d try to encourage more ex-players to become top flight referees. Also, I´d definitely introduce a players wage ceiling and structure.

And finally, could you give us an evaluation of Everton at the moment?

SH: I think we have the basis of a very good team. Moyes is getting it right and hopefully, with EVERYTHING crossed, we´re not too far off a cup. 17 years is too long.

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