Moyes "We can play much better"

Speaking following Everton´s 1-0 victory over Tottenham, David Moyes has called on his players “play better”

Moyes: “The result, not the performance was satisfying. We got a result but we can play much better, certainly than we did in the second half.

“We were partly architects of our own downfall in the second half when we kept giving the ball away and gave Tottenham encouragement to keep coming forward and throwing men forward.

“In the end we had to say ‘if we cant keep the ball we are going to have to try and keep you out´. Thankfully we did that.”

“We have missed the chances where people can make something from nothing. It was nearly not a chance, he takes it early and hopefully he is someone like that who gets us a few goals out of nothing. Ossie did great to set it up.”

“The mood in the dressing room is great that we got a result today but I have told them that they have got to play better,” he chided.

“But I have also told them that they have played a really good team tonight. I thought that was as good a team as we have seen at Goodison this season”.

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