"It’s a proper football club".

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway has heaped praise on Everton and David Moyes following his sides elimination from the FA Cup

Holloway: “Our players have seen the level they need to be at with and without the ball,” said the former Leicester and QPR boss. “Nobody’s team shows that better than Dave’s.

“Their hunger, their desire; they ran like they mean it and they tackle like they mean it.

“Their wide lefty, Drenthe, was fantastic.”

Holloway then turned his praise to the Club and lauded Moyes further.

“I’d like to say that I think this football club is one of the best around,” said Holloway. “It’s a proper football club.

“Everyone you bump into on the stairs on the way up are so respectful. They speak to you, they shake your hand and they’re so respectful.

“It was a bad day for us but a good day for Everton. Wouldn’t it be nice if Dave were to win something because he deserves it.

“Hopefully one day people will say nice things about us but the way Dave conducts himself and looks after his players, he’s a credit to football.”

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