Jain Group "To Release Statement Soon"

The Indian business at the centre of gathering internet hype regarding a takeover of Everton, The Jain Group, have apparently stated that they will issue a statement to address the situation “soon”.

Although uncorroborated by any official sources, the company responded to a somewhat speculative email by GrandOldTeam user ToffeeMark, who requested clarification on the rumours that have gathered pace since the weekend.

“Is there any truth that the Jain Group are interested in buying Everton FC, (One of the biggest and under utilised brands in the EPL).”

The reply was from a director of the company who, whilst not confirming or denying that discussions were taking place, certainly seemed aware of the speculation and responded by saying clarification would be issued “soon”.

“Statement would be issued soon . Company would let everybody know what its official stance on this matter.

Rishi Jain ,
Director ,
Jain Group.”

Everton chairman Bill Kenwright has repeatedly stated his desire to see investment come into Goodison Park, and recent pressure from fan groups such as the Blue Union may have accelerated the process.

NOTE: GrandOldTeam cannot independently confirm the veracity of the above information, and merely report this information as we get it.

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