"Evertonians Not Normal"

Royston Drenthe has described the noise generated from Evertonians at Goodison Park as “not normal”.

Drenthe: “Good noise comes form this stadium [Goodison Park]. It´s not normal. It´s really not normal”

When asked on his aspirations for a recall to the Holland squad, Drenthe said: “I´m going to try my best, here [Everton] is where it´s going to happen

Royston continued to describe the memorial plaques around Goodison Park as “beautiful” and used them to reaffirm his earlier comments describing Evertonians as “real supporters”

“After the game I immediately said this was the Feyenord feeling that I´ve always had and missed for so long. I missed that at Real Madrid. Real supporting”

“The real hooligans who stand at your side, good times or bad times, good ball or bad ball, good ball or bad pass… it doesn´t matter. They go through fire with you, through thick and thin, until the final whistle.

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